Tadley Rugby Club Junior & Social (Parent) Membership
Application Form

If you have previously filled in a similar form on this website and ALL your details are the same, you can click here to go straight to the payment slip calculator

IMPORTANT: Please use this form for Junior Player (17 or under on 31st August) & Social (Parent) memberships. Please put parental / legal guardian details in the Emergency Contact & Final Sections filling in this form on behalf of each of the child / parent social members. The quickest way to do this is to fill in the form for the first person, clck the register button, click the BACK button in your browser, amend the relevant information and register the next person. Once you have clicked register for the last person, only then proceed to the payment calculator.

Family Discounts: Tadley RFC would like to encourage parents to become Social Members of the club and use its facilities. This gives you the right to stand for election and vote at the AGM to help decide how the club is run and enter the ballot for England International tickets. Additionally, members are given a Membership Card, which when pre-loaded with funds gives a 10% discount on drinks purchases at the bar.

Senior Players: If you have children who are joining, please register them here first, THEN proceed to the senior registration (here and use the payment calculator linked from there).

Clicking the Register button at the bottom of the screen WILL send the details below across the Internet to Tadley RFC in clear text. If you have any concerns about submitting this form electronically, please feel free to fill it in and print it out for each member, then hand it in to your (child's) team manager, a committee member or at the clubhouse bar with your payment slip.

Information marked "*" is mandatory. If you have any problems, please ask a committee member or team manager for help in the clubhouse.

1) Personal Information (fill in actual member's details, e.g. your child for Junior memberships. Only complete Alt Address details if necessary)
First Name: * Last Name: *
Sex: * Birthdate (dd/mm/yyyy): Day:Month:Year:
House/Street: * Alt Address House/Street:
City: * Alt Address City:
County: * Alt Address County:
Postalcode: Alt Address Postalcode:
Home Phone: Alt Home Phone:
Mobile: Alt Mobile:
Email Address: Alt Email:

2) Emergency Contact (e.g. Parent's Name / Mobile)
Emergency Contact Name: * Emergency contact phone: *

3) Tadley RFC Membership and Rugby Background Information (fill in actual member's details, e.g. your child for Junior memberships)
Member Type: * Affiliation: *
TRFC Team the member plays for (eg child's age on 31st August): * Previous Rugby Clubs:
Where have you
played rugby
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4) Junior Players Only: Additional Information (not needed for Parent Social memberships)
Select all known disabilities (ctrl+click for multiple): Other disability /
additional info:
Provide details of health issues or long term medication being taken: Ethnicity:
Junior Photos OK: *

5) The Final Section (parents: fill in as yourselves) 

Would you / your employer consider sponsoring the club to any level:    
Do you / your employer have any skills / services that you could offer the club:    
Date of Membership Application (today dd/mm/yyyy): *    
Instead of a signature, please confirm your email address : *    
Reminder: If you need to apply on behalf of more than one person, please fill in the form for the first person, press register, then click the BACK button in your browser, amend the information and register the next person. The following screen will work out your membership payment and allow you to print a payment slip.

Or if you don't want to submit the form online:

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